Building a Community

The Marching Activity is home to a small and dedicated group that does amazing work every day with very little fanfare. Our Michael Jordan’s and Babe Ruth’s are largely unknown to anyone that isn’t involved. And because of this, it is important to express our ideas with a kinder tone.

The focus of this website and our discussions should try to exemplify our dedication to our peers, our students, our competition, and our family.

I say this to remind myself as well as serve as a reminder that words and deeds matter. I have had my share of poorly timed criticisms during my days but it is important to see from different perspectives, even those we do not agree with in all regards.


Articles focus on specific topics and have a journalistic approach to the material with the goal to bring in new perspectives with input from others within our community. If you have ideas for future articles, please feel free to submit them. Let’s hear about it!→


These posts are my personal thoughts and opinions and while they are not based on pure speculation (unless they are!) my focus will be to put myself into the world and maybe allow the world to reach back… For better or worse!